Transmission Rebuilding

Planetary Gears With Broken Teeth

When your transmission is no longer able to function properly and you aren’t ready to plop down tens of thousands of dollars on a new ride, we can rebuild your transmission to restore “like-new” performance to your car for a lot less money than what you’ll lose when you drive that new car off the dealer lot.

What is involved in rebuilding a transmission?

  • We remove the transmission and completely disassemble it
  • We clean and inspect all parts including the case and bell housing
  • We replace lined friction clutch plates, all gaskets, rubber parts, and metal sealing rings
  • All bands used in dynamic application are replaced with new or re-lined bands
  • All dirt and varnish is removed from the valve body and all non-serviceable parts are replaced
  • The torque converter is cleaned and inspected for wear and leaks. If the converter isn’t capable of delivering “like-new” performance, it will be replaced.
  • We replace the transmission, install a new filter, and fill it with high-quality, manufacturer recommended fluid
Positioning Lever with stress crack

The result?  “Like new” performance that carries a 12 month guarantee, backed by ATRA and ATSG warranties on our work which are honored nationwide.

We have over 30 years of experience overhauling and rebuilding transmissions of all types, including

  • Transmissions on domestic cars
  • Sports car transmissions
  • SUV transmissions
  • Foreign car transmissions
  • Truck transmissions
  • Antique auto transmissions

If you get a written estimate from another service shop, bring it to us to review. We are a family owned business without all of the franchise fees and overhead of those other guys. We can often offer you a lower price and you won’t get a new-hire working on your transmission that just finished training school.

Extended Transmission Rebuild Warranty

When we rebuild your automatic transmission, we use only the highest-quality parts and follow latest manufacturer updates so your transmission may end up being better than when it was new. And to prove our quality work, we give you a 1-year / 12,000-mile warranty. Then on each year’s service anniversary date, we will service your transmission for only $199 for most cars and extend the warranty for another 1-year / 12,000-mile term and for every year afterward that you get it serviced by us under the warranty.


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