Routine Transmission Maintenance

What types of maintenance do most car owners do?

  • They change the oil to prevent engine failure and get better gas mileage
  • They check their tire pressure to prevent tire failure and get better gas mileage
  • They wash the care to protect the finish and look good
Transmission Pan Needing Cleaning

But what about the transmission?

  • A failed transmission on a clean good looking car with a working engine and good tires will leave you stranded on the side of the road and a big bill for repair or replacement of this critical component to your vehicle.

What is good transmission maintenance?

  1. Removing the transmission pan
  2. Draining and flushing out the old, dirty, used fluid

    Transmission Gasket and Transmission Filter
  3. Cleaning out buildup of sludge, debris and metal fragments
  4. Inspecting parts for wear
  5. Replacing the transmission fluid filter to ensure good flow and prevent overheating
  6. Replacing the pan gasket. As the vehicle ages, the gasket can crack or be ripped
  7. Replacing the fluid with fresh fluid of a type recommended for your transmission.

When should you get your transmission maintained?

  • Transmission Fluid

    While manufacturers may say 30,000-60,000 miles, we believe 15,000 miles will be better for the life of your transmission

  • At least every 2-3 years since fluid and gaskets become less effective with age, or
  • If you notice dark or black colored transmission fluid when you check the level, or
  • If you notice the transmission is having problems shifting or if it seems to be slipping

We are generally less expensive than dealer or chain repair shops because we are a family-owned business without the franchise fees and other overhead costs they have.  Our technicians have over 30 years of experience with transmissions of all types and access to the same service documentation as the dealers.  We will meet or beat the written estimate from any dealer.


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